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Nozawa Sushi and Thai Kitchen Review

Nozawa Sushi and Thai Kitchen
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Nozawa Sushi and Thai Kitchen
282-B Dillon Ridge Rd
Dillon CO 80435
Phone: (970) 262-6600

For a taste of faraway Asia in the Rockies, the Nozawa Sushi and Thai Kitchen proves to be a culinary getaway for those who stay at our Silverthorne Lodge. Located almost 2 miles from the lodge near the City Market grocery store in the Dillon Ridge Market Place, Nozawa serves up delicious Japanese sushi rolls and sashimi, as well as a variety of Asian and Thai entrees. Nozawa diners now can enjoy an entertaining show at the Teppanyaki grill, where trained chefs combine sleight-of-hand with the preparation of grilled steak, shrimp, veggies, and fried rice.

During my family's visit one afternoon, I chose the popular bento lunch, opting for the Szechuan beef. The bento comes with a California roll (a tried and true favorite), tempura veggies, and steamed rice. My wife ordered the miso soup and shared with me two delectable Yellowtail and Spicy Tuna rolls. The sushi portions were large enough to cover two meals, although too much sushi is always a good thing. The weekend crowd was in full swing, but judging by the great service we received, you would never know the difference. The friendliness of the staff and the local diners seated at the sushi bar created a warm atmosphere that was pleasing to families and singles alike. The Japanese and classic Asian flavors that we experienced, along with the wonderful service, made our lunch at Nozawa feel like a vacation within a vacation.

Nozawa Sushi and Thai Kitchen Menu

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The Nozawa Sushi and Thai Kitchen is located less than 2 miles from our Silverthorne Lodge. Make it a night out at Nozawa on your next Rocky Mountain Ski Vacation!
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Picture of us with Mr. Nozawa

Before we left we asked Mr. Nozawa if he would pose for a picture with Mama and the three girls. Mr. Nozawa told us that he also has a Nozawa restaurant in Vail as well. But hey, why would you want to go there when you can stay in our Silverthorne Townhome and be only 3 minutes from great tasting sushi and Teppanyaki. Psst, one of the Teppanyaki chefs likes to play jokes on the guests!

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