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Peak 8 Fun Park Breckenridge Colorado

Review of Peak 8 Fun Park - Breckenridge, CO

Lifts at Peak 8 Fun Park
Click for a large view of the lifts

Peak 8 Fun Park
PO Box 1058
Breckenridge CO 80424
Toll Free: 800.789.7669
Local: 970.453.5000

Peak 8 Fun Park Hours
2014 information:
$75 all day pass ages 7+
$39 all day pass ages 3-6
open 7 days a week
June 13 - Sept 1
(weather permitting)

While you're having a wonderful time staying at our Silverthorne Lodge, take the whole family to Peak 8 Fun Park in Breckenridge, CO. Park for free at the base of the mountain in Breckenridge and then ride the free Gondola up the mountain to Peak 8. At the top the Gondola will drop you off at the Fun Park next to the ticket office. Before you begin your adventure you must complete a waiver form. If you would like to save some time you can download the waiver and complete it before you go. The Peak 8 Fun park has several attractions that are included in the pass which include the Peak 8 SuperSlide (alpine slide), a climbing wall, the Sky Fly Power Trampoline, Super Putt (miniature golf), a scenic chairlift ride, and the Amaze'n Breckenridge (children's maze). They have a gem stone panning attraction, but you will have to pay extra for that because it's not included in the pass. Mountain bikes and helmets are available for rent in case you want to bring them up the chair lift and bike back down the mountain.

Alpine Slide - SuperSlide
Click for a large picture of the SuperSlide

At the time of this review the costs for the full day passes were $38 for Children 7 and under and $72 for adults 8 and older.

Our favorite attraction was the Peak 8 SuperSlide or as we called it, "the alpine slide". To ride the apline slide you must ride a mountain chair lift to the top of the mountain. When you get off the lift there will be little cars waiting for you. Grab one of these cars because this is what you will ride down the alpine slide. There are three slides altogether. Two of the slides allow double riders on one car while the third slide is slightly faster and for single riders only. If your child is 7 or older they can ride by themselves, and if between 2-6 yrs they can ride free with a paying adult.

Top of the Alpine Slide - Breckenridge
View of Breckenridge from the top of the alpine slide.

You are in total control of how fast or slow you want to go down the slide. The cart has brakes on it. Push forward to go faster and pull back to slow down. The ride lasts several minutes, and it is thrilling the whole way. At the end of the slide, you just get off, hang your car on a conveyor, and ride back to the top for another thrilling ride down. Our three year old loved it so much that she told us "get your hands off the brake, I want to go fast down the mountain, and don't you stop me". This lines were sort of long when we were there, but they move fast.

Alpine Slide Starting Line
The starting line of the Alpine Slide

Next we were off to the Climbing Wall- it's rock climbing for kids at least 48". They will put a harness around your child, and then it's up the rocks they go! My girls were not rushed, and they were allowed to try all 3 of the ways up the rocks to see if they could reach the top. They loved the challenge of trying to get all the way up.

Want to try to find your way through a winding maze? Go to the "Amaze'n Breckenridge" attraction and check your pass in at the front gate so that you can punch your start time. The attendee will give you a ticket of things to find within the maze, when you find them there is a hole puncher for you to punch that part of your ticket out. Once you have found them all then you must found your way out of the maze so that you can get your end time punched by the clock. Then give your ticket back to the attendee so that you can see how fast your time compares to others who have tried before you. Then pick a small prize from their treasure chest.

Jumping time on the Sky Fly Power Trampoline! Get hooked up to a bungy cord and harness so that you will be able to jump, flip backwards, or even attempt the triple flip if you're good enough. The line is very lengthly and usually takes about 30-40 minutes before your turn to jump about 3-5 minutes. As long as you are 42" are higher you are allowed to jump. Our 3 year loved it. When she jumped she'd do a split in the air, which was so cute. Our 6 and 8 year olds were flipping back and forth the whole time, and loved it too. They wanted to go again but due to the length of the line we decided not to do this activity again.

At the Peak 8 Fun Park they have some miniature golf they call SuperPutt. This was included in the day pass but we did not play since we know how long it takes us to get the ball in the hole. And of course we can do this just about anywhere, so we wanted to use our time on things that we can only do here.

The mountain chair lift is both- invigorating and peaceful as you are taken up the mountain. Each seat fits two people and the kids 6 and under can ride free with a paying adult. Once you get to the top of the mountain, you can get off the lift and walk around. The views up there are breath taking and you can really just take in the fresh, cool alpine air. You can take as long as you want up there before you ride the chair lift back down the mountain. So pack a lunch and stay awhile up top on Peak 8 and soak in the beautiful sights of Breckenridge.

Gold Rush, get your digging pan and head for the Gem Stone Panning. No there's no gold, just some pretty mountain rocks. We bought a bag of rocks filled with dirt, then you dump your bag into a pan and sift it through the running water in order to see what "treasures" lay in the dirt. My girls got all sorts of colorful rocks and they were very excited about panning it out in the water. They felt like they were digging for gold and had a really good time.

We had a fun time at Peak 8 Fun Park in Breckenridge. There is plenty to do for all ages in your family. There is a fast food type restaurant in the Ski Hill Resort, which is located on Peak 8 with the Fun Park. You can also get some hot coffee, drinks, and just snacks. There are outside tables, yet very few umbrellas to shade you from the sun. You can also inside and use their restroom facilities as you take a break from the fun. Feel free to save money by bringing your own lunch and drinks, if you would like to pack your own.

Check out this video we made when we visited Peak 8 Fun Park:

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