TripAdvisor Fake Reviews – 1 in 3 Reviews on TripAdvisor are fake according to The Sun

TripAdvisor Fake Reviews

Accord to The Sun, a publication based out of The UK, TripAdvisor is in the business of using fake reviews to drive interest in the listings on their side. In fact, The Sun says that 1 in 3 reviews on … Continue reading

VRBO Calendar / Homeaway Calendar Nasty Unethical Practices

VRBO Calendar / Homeaway Calendar that is supposed to show availability

The VRBO calendar widget is code that can be dropped into your website to display the availabilty of your vacation rental property. I’ve used it for years all the way back to before VRBO bought it from the original owner. … Continue reading

Don’t use VRBO Messages Use Your Own Email to Build Customer Trust

Owners and guests should not be communicating through VRBO messages. As many owners know by now, VRBO has turned extremely hostile towards guests and owners alike. First we had the acquisition of VRBO by Expedia for $3.9 billion, a disastrous … Continue reading

VRBO Guests, remember to deal with the owner #dealwiththeowner

deal with the owner #dealwiththeowner

Below is a perfect example of VRBO nearly screwing up someone’s reservation. This guest made a reservation through VRBO without even realizing that it is me, the owner, who approved their reservation. It comes as no surprise though. VRBO has … Continue reading

CSA Travel Protection – Should You buy this Travel Insurance?

CSA Travel Protection reviews on BBB

Today I was browsing through one of the vacation rental owner groups I’m part of, and I came across one person’s heart-wrenching encounter with CSA Travel Protection. For those of you that don’t know, CSA Travel Protection is a renter’s … Continue reading