VRBO is NOT a Marketplace – VRBO is a Lead Generation Service

VRBO Marketplace? VRBO is not a marketplace

And don’t allow VRBO to brand you into thinking otherwise. I’ve been saying in my blogs over and over, for at least 2 years, that VRBO’s business model looks like Amazon and Ebay. Just yesterday I saw more evidence of … Continue reading

VRBO Scam – Important updates to the VRBO Booking Platform

Important updates to the VRBO Booking Platform

If you read back in my previous posts, I told you they would to it. Another VRBO scam has hit both travelers and owners alike. And I’m not talking about a VRBO scam where some shady individual is trying to … Continue reading

When is Peak 8 Fun Park Opening for 2017? June 9

Peak 8 Fun Park Gold Runner Coaster

I just called Vail Resorts today, May 22, 2017, and the operator on the phone told me Peak 8 Fun Park opens on June 9, 2017 this year. I asked about pricing and she told me that they have not … Continue reading

How to Sleep in High Altitude – Adapting to Sleeping in High Elevations

sleeing in high altitude elevation

Earlier today I had a customer as a question about altitude and sleeping. As you know the Ski Silverthorne lodge is sitting at about 8500 ft elevation (that’s about a mile and a half high!). I found this question about … Continue reading

Keystone Breckenridge Copper Mountain Closing Day 2017

moose running in the snow

All good things must come to an end, and with that, here are the closing dates for Summit County ski resorts. There’s still a couple of weeks to get in some good skiing. Book your April stay at the Ski … Continue reading