VRBO is NOT a Marketplace – VRBO is a Lead Generation Service

VRBO Marketplace? VRBO is not a marketplace

And don’t allow VRBO to brand you into thinking otherwise. I’ve been saying in my blogs over and over, for at least 2 years, that VRBO’s business model looks like Amazon and Ebay. Just yesterday I saw more evidence of … Continue reading

VRBO Scam – Important updates to the VRBO Booking Platform

Important updates to the VRBO Booking Platform

If you read back in my previous posts, I told you they would to it. Another VRBO scam has hit both travelers and owners alike. And I’m not talking about a VRBO scam where some shady individual is trying to … Continue reading

When is Peak 8 Fun Park Opening for 2017? June 9

Peak 8 Fun Park Gold Runner Coaster

I just called Vail Resorts today, May 22, 2017, and the operator on the phone told me Peak 8 Fun Park opens on June 9, 2017 this year. I asked about pricing and she told me that they have not … Continue reading

How to Sleep in High Altitude – Adapting to Sleeping in High Elevations

sleeing in high altitude elevation

Earlier today I had a customer as a question about altitude and sleeping. As you know the Ski Silverthorne lodge is sitting at about 8500 ft elevation (that’s about a mile and a half high!). I found this question about … Continue reading