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Horseback Riding in Breckenridge, Colorado

Horseback Riding in Breckenridge Silverthorne
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Another fun summer time activity in Summit County, Colorado is horseback riding. On this particular day on June the temperature was a cool 70 degrees and sunny.

Horseback Riding in Breckenridge Silverthorne
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The outfit we chose for our horseback ride was Breckenridge Stables out of Breckenridge, CO. However, the area is speckled with companies that offer horseback riding, each with its own twist and unique scenery.

We decided to go on an afternoon ride so we could get some good pictures and video. The staff saddled up the horses while waited. Once it was time to go the horses lined up in a single file line because they know how the drill goes. You don't even need to know how to ride a horse to go on this tour, in my opinion. The horses are so accustomed to this trek that I doubt you'd be able to lead a horse astray even if you tried. Just sit on the saddle and enjoy the ride. The horse will do the rest!

mother and child on horseback
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If I remember correction the weight limit for riders on the tour is 250 lbs. Children. Once you embark on your journey the horses walk at a slow pace while you just sit back and take it all in. The scenery is so beautiful, and the mountain air make for a drastic change of pace from everyday life. Along the trail we saw whitecap mountains in the distant, flowers native to the area, small wildlife like chipmunks and rabbits. At several points in the trail we came near mountain water streams that we either crossed or walked alongside. Some of the grades were relatively steep, but the horse didn't seem to be very challenged by it or mind. As a matter of fact I'm no expert, but all of the horses seems calm, content, and well taken care of.

Children receiving horseback instructions from a staff member
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On our particular horseback riding adventure one of the horses got an itch on his butt an started scratching it against a tree. It was so funny because the horse just started scratching and scratching. Finally after it had been a while the trail leader had to instruct the rider to spur the horse. Once the rider spurred the horse it decided to rejoin the trail ride. It was hilarious, and we got it all on the video that is at the end of this article. You never know what funny things can happen on a horseback trail ride!

The horses had no problem navigating the trails
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Please check out the rest of the pictures and watch the short video below. We had a great time horseback riding in Breckenridge!

Horseback riding in the mountains
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Whitecap mountains in the distant
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Back at the horse ranch
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